Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0

Exceding over 8000 ORAC points, certified organic ingredients, and synergizing co-factors to maximize vitamin and mineral uptake, the Beyond Tangy Tangerine  2.0 is the most advanced multi-vitamin complex on the market today.
Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0 provides you with: energy boosting nutrients, PuriGenic antioxidant support, prebiotic and probiotic blend, over 500 mg of natural amino acids and increased potencies of most vitamins and minerals for optimal wellness.


The following article here  by Pharmacist Ben Fuchs is a tremendous overview of the Beyond Tangy Tangerine Youngevity product.

A constant question that arises almost daily by many people is what are the  best energy vitamins available on the market today.  Energy is a major topic in today’s stress filled world and it seems that everyone is short of it.  I certainly suggest Tangy Tangerine  as the best energy vitamins packed into one convenient canister.  I have now been using Tangy Tangerine for over nineteen months now and have never looked back.  It is truly amazing!  Just one Beyond Tangy Tangerine scoop in a full glass of water has an unbelievable taste.