My Story


Griffin2This is a snapshot of my health life for the past 2 years now, starting on December 12, 2012. I will not bore you with every little detail but leave you only with the main points. My reason for doing this is the simple fact that I can not possibly get to every single person that I want to for lack of time.

This Testimony is not about blowing my own horn, but to at least inform you what I do know for sure in my life, and that I may be of some help to someone else. My “health life” has literally been transformed in a major way and the most amazing thing of all, it was the most improbable journey.   My ultimate desire is to inform everyone who I know and be of some help with improving their Health issues. I don’t care if the health issue is weight gain, diabetes, dementia, fibromyalgia, heart issues, digestive problems or other Health problems! There is a remedy!!! Without medications!!

What I mean by the most improbable journey you can imagine is the fact I was not even really interested in the subject of health or looking for any new revelation.  The only thing that prompted me to be a bit curious was the fact that my wife was having some joint issues and I thought I might be able to uncover some “magic” on the internet.  Approximately two and a half years ago I started researching the internet for various  joint issues.  While on the internet, I started viewing bits and pieces of information regarding gluten, vitamins, minerals, and the whole array of nutrition. Low and behold the name Dr. Wallach came up once again. I had listened to the famous doc many, many years ago. Probably the biggest mistake of my life was not to continue and embrace this man at that time.  I was actually lead to a weekly radio program and after listening to hours and hours of testimony by many people, I couldn’t resist it anymore and made a live phone call to Dr. Wallach on national radio around the first part of December of 2012.  I called in to ask some general questions relating to joint issues and then Mr. Wallach asked me just a few questions including: how much do I weigh; had I ever had any stomach issues in my life; had I ever had any skin issues of any kind in my life; any digestive problems ever; ever had any problem with weight gain; and the big one, had I ever had my appendix taken out!  (Just one of many signs of a Gluten issue)  I said yes and the rest is history.  Mr. Wallach explained to me that I was 100% Gluten Intolerant. I really didn’t have a complete understanding what that meant but he explained to me that I had to quit eating wheat, oats, barley, and rye-NOTHING with wheat, oats, barley, or rye. He stated on the national radio show that if I would faithfully go Gluten Free and start using proper nutrition that my health life would change dramatically. As most people would be, I was somewhat skeptical, but remember I had listened to hundreds of people and their personal testimonies regarding their amazing health stories.   I heeded his advice exactly and my journey started on December 12, 2012.  And let me just say this before I continue.  I will absolutely guarantee anyone that is reading this right now, if you do exactly what I did faithfully for a couple of weeks and listen to this radio show as I did, you will absolutely be curious as I was and research for more information.  It is truly amazing!  You can listen anytime because there are many, many archived shows.

Within approximately two to three weeks my cravings for various foods subsided amazingly. I started having more energy and have more energy now than I have had in 30 years. My food cravings have vanished in an unbelievable way. I didn’t realize that I needed to lose any weight but I have lost about 20 pounds, going from about 168 to 150 and my current weight never varies by more than a single pound at any give time.  Because my body is nutrified with the essential nutrients I am now taking, my body is not craving anything at all. The most important thing that I learned by this experience is that the root cause of  Obesity or weight gain has nothing to do with the lack of exercise or overeating.  The good doctor repeated over and over again, that if the body has the proper nutrition it simply will not crave. It is automatic, if you give your body the proper Nutrients and are able to ABSORB them, you will just not have the cravings and gain weight!  Obesity or weight gain is nothing more than a mineral deficiency disease!  And remember, the issue of weight was the last thing on my mind.  I hadn’t even considered weight at all.  It just happened!!  Without the proper supplementation daily, the body is craving for Nutrients and looking for them in the food we eat.  The nutrition is not in the food supply we have today as it once was years ago.

Pretty good stuff, right! You haven’t heard anything yet!  For several years I had always had some stomach issues with acid, etc. and taking anti acids, prilosec and all the rest.  My stomach issues have completely gone bye, bye with absolutely no problems whatsoever!  No burning, no heavy feeling, no bloating, no NOTHING!  No more lower back sciatica pain of any kind.  And it goes on and on!  This has been absolutely transforming and I have to pinch myself daily to make sure it is real!

I fully understand now why this has worked for me after being in the dark most of my life.  I really didn’t have a clue and was listening to all the wrong people or so called experts.  Folks, let’s face it, we (including myself) are all hardwired in believing what we have been told.  I don’t know why I was lead to that radio program, but it has absolutely changed my life!  I have been a health sponge for the past 2 years and now fully understand why I feel like I do.  It really is pretty simple “stuff” when you receive the correct information.

Now this is the rest of the story.  When I started this journey I had a right shoulder (rotator cuff injury) that is now completely healed.  It really doesn’t matter what disease or ailment a person has, it is usually nothing more than a simple Mineral Deficiency (s) of some kind! That’s it!  We all have been lead to believe that it is complicated and it is not!

Todays Date: June 3, 2014

I just thought it is so necessary to give a little update to my story.  Previously I had not mentioned a couple of things because I wanted to make sure I wasn’t just dreaming!  And I wasn’t!  When I started this journey, it was very standard for me to make a couple of trips to the chiropractor each year specifically for my lower back pain (sciatica).  This usually consisted of a couple of visits each time with adjustments and heating treatments.  And it worked very well each time.  It has now been over a year and no problems whatsoever with the sciatica.  Easy remedy if you understand the root cause!  Another thing I intentionally did not mention was the fact I had occasional tinnitus or ringing in the ears.  This is also completely gone! This was not a severe condition but was annoying nevertheless.  Again, another easy remedy if you understand the root cause.  And lastly, every now and then for several years, I would have some fluttering or skipping heart stuff, not really knowing what that was all about.  And once again, a very easy remedy when you understand the root cause!  Many of these conditions are all related and they are nothing more than a red warning light telling you that something isn’t quite right and it is time to do something about it.  Sooner than later!  Once again, this has been quite a journey for someone who was the least bit interested in the subject of health over two years ago.