YoungevityYoungevity products and supplements are absolutely incredible! And why do I make that statement? The answer is because I have been using these products since December of 2012.  After a very long time of research and listening to many individuals explaining why these products have worked for them in an amazing way, I was convinced that there had to be some truth in the substance of the calls.

These products just didn’t arrive on the scene out of the clouds.  These products and formulation are the result of a tremendous amount of time and research by a truly dedicated man who has lived his entire life with one desired goal.  And that goal is to help anyone that is willing to listen to what his research and hard work have revealed.  Dr Joel Wallach spent many of his younger years working with animals and curing hundreds of diseases and ailments in these animals.  The basic  formulation of these animal nutrients is the foundation of what these present day products consist of.  He has always said, what is good for animals is good for us!

One of the most powerful testimonies of the Youngevity products is the Clemson University study of two of the highly recommended products.  This study is eye popping in many regards.  I would encourage every one to at least take a few moments and read through the study.  Pay especially close attention to page number six.