Rebound Sports Drink

Youngevity’s  Rebound Sports Drink is a high-powered alternative to the high-sodium, high carbohydrate sports drinks produced by other companies.   Rebound facilitates  quick sustained energy while offering a balance of antioxidants, natural herbs, and the minerals that must be replenished in order for the body to function at optimal levels! The Rebound sports drink  is endorsed and promoted by former NBA All-Star Theo Ratliff.  The benefits of Rebound include the promotion of healthy exercise, supporting of cardiovascular health, immune system support, and the boosting of energy and stamina.  This efficient energy product is a complete drink all in one dynamic package.  If you do nothing else, please compare the ingredients in all energy drinks and the result will be at your fingertips.  Rebound is the most efficient and tasteful energy drink on the market today.  Start using a high quality energy drink without caffeine and you will just be amazed!


The following audio with Dr Wallach is a must listen  for all athletes or anyone whatsoever that is involved in any form of exercise.