Reflection Today

So what have I really learned for the past two years of my life?  It has been a whole new learning curve but the most important thing that I need to remember is that prior to that time,  I had been just another person  among the masses just going about my life in a fairly common way.  We all pretty much live our lives according to what we have learned along the way from our peers, family, professional folks, and leaders.  We have an incredible inborn trust of people we look up to and in most cases do not question their opinions or belief systems.  For most of my life I had been just like many and just went along with the flow.

That is until roughly two years ago when something just clicked and lead me on a path of research.  And my goodness,  gracious,  sakes alive, I found out in very short  order that I had really been in the dark for way too long!  I still to this very day keep asking myself how I could have been so ignorant in so many ways.  I mean,  I am a fairly intelligent human being and yet had been so wrong in believing so many people.  But,  this is exactly why I need to remember this fact every single day when I am talking to people and never forget it.  Bob, just remember,  up until roughly two years ago, you didn’t have a CLUE!

Of course, most of what I am referring to is healthcare and health in general.  I had just never centered my life around learning about health and nutrition and all the rest.  Throw a few vitamins down the hatch and move on about your life!  Just remember what you had been told:  that salt is bad and causes high blood pressure; all fats are bad for you; margarine is much better for you than butter; statin drugs are just super for lowering that evil cholesterol;  and on and on.  I just keep asking myself why did it take me so long to see the light!


In my past life I was a licensed Real Estate Agent for over 20 years. As the Real Estate venture was very rewarding and "fun", I have now chosen to spend my time and energy sharing with people what I have learned over the past several months about nutrition and health in general. I want to share information on this website so that people will engage and research for themselves to at least make an informed decision on what path they shall proceed with. I have truly been blessed with my health life! I now have my own self employed health insurance plan in tact! If you have any questions at all that I can help you with, please give me a call or a quick email. Thanks again and have a great day!! 208-342-2300

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