Why Youngevity?

Why would I suggest Youngevity as a wonderful home based business?  I have now been involved with Youngevity for approximately 20 months now and believe me,  it was not something that I was looking for at all.  It was merely an accident and my life has never been the same as far as my health life is concerned.  My suggestion would be,  if you are looking for or are  interested in a long time proven part time or full time  home based business opportunity that you would do your own research exactly how I approached it.  Many individuals who understand the concepts of direct marketing companies, will just  go full steam ahead with the marketing plan.  This was not my original mission at all!

My original interest in Youngevity, after listening and researching for many hours,  was only to try the products to see if the claims I was hearing would benefit me like the many others who were having amazing results.  I was absolutely not interested in any home based business opportunity or any other business venture for that matter.  So if that was the case,  then why or how did I get involved?

And I will answer this question on how I initially got involved and how I think others may want to get involved.  It is really like anything else in life, when we have an experience that is beneficial to us,  we want to immediately go out and share it with others.  In my case, there were two pieces of the puzzle as to why the Youngevity products benefited me in a relatively short period of time.  Of course, the products being one, and the fact that I was told to get off all gluten.  And when this showed signs of incredible results, I just couldn’t wait to go out and tell others about the Youngevity products.   Shortly after, I started receiving checks from the company, and the rest is history.  I am now involved with a 18 year old publicly traded company almost by total accident.

So although I was not looking for a home based business originally,  I did start paying a one time nominal fee of ten dollars to get started so I could purchase the products at wholesale pricing.  My suggestion would be that if you have any health conditions whatsoever,  or know of someone that does, do some due diligence and give a few of the products a try.  If you show some improvement, well, you just might be on the same course that I was on and get involved simply by improving your health.

Many folks from time to time will ask me about the quality of the Youngevity products and why I believe that they may be the most quality products on the market today.  Even though I have personal experience using the products for several months now and can testify to their incredible benefits, I need to share information that will inform the person that has not yet made that decision.  Rather than trying to explain this information in my words, I will let Dr Peter Glidden give you some informative words and facts in the following video.  Please take the time and I am sure you will be very, very impressed!